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NOPEC Energized Community Grants

Learn about our new energized community grant program. These grants are available to NOPEC member communities to use for energy-related projects. 

"As a new mayor in 2016, NOPEC and its management team helped me to achieve success very quickly by ensuring that the residents of the Maple Heights were saving money on their electric and gas bills each month. Additionally, their orientation and hands-on assistance for the new administration helped to guide us to an informative website for energy-savings tips and details for the Energy Community Grant program which proved to be significant when the boiler at City Hall went out in the middle of a very cold winter.

NOPEC approved an emergency advance of our future available grant dollars to help Maple Heights while in its fiscal emergency status cover the replacement cost of a new boiler, still leaving a balance for other projects for 2018."

Mayor Annette Blackwell, Maple Heights

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