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We buy in bulk to save you money.

(Because you shouldn't pay more for the same thing.)

NOPEC buys electricity and natural gas in bulk, then passes the savings on to you.

Since 2001, we've saved our member residents and businesses more than $300 million. We've also awarded over $28 million in community energy-efficiency grants.

How we save you even more.

Negotiating Terms

Too often, energy suppliers will offer gimmick giveaways for short-term deals but no long-term guarantees of continued savings. NOPEC negotiates consumer-friendly terms regarding renewal and price adjustments to ensure you get consistent, worry-free rates and terms all year long, year after year.

Advocating for You

We educate state and national legislators about the consumer benefits of energy aggregation. Our representatives advocate for you in hearings that directly impact energy regulation and your utility bills.

Energy saving tips and tricks

We offer exclusive online tools that show you how to save energy room by room throughout your home. We help you understand your energy usage and make better energy choices. We also spend time in NOPEC member communities through our Community Outreach Program, answering residents’ questions and providing information about NOPEC and other energy-related topics.

Tip House

Someone came to my door and I signed up with them, what makes you different?

NOPEC is concerned with:

  • a long-term approach to the energy market
  • And short-term savings

NOPEC recognizes that long-term savings for consumers will result from regulatory changes and new laws that must be passed, and is dedicated to representing the interests of its consumers in seeking those changes.

Private, for-profit energy suppliers (often the ones that come to your door) are focused on short-term offers. Their positions on regulatory changes and laws likely will be aimed at their own bottom lines rather than the interests of consumers.

If you want to prevent unwanted solicitors at your door, sign up for our Block the Knock program. This program puts your address on a list of homes that for-profit solicitors are not allowed to knock at. See if you are a Do Not Knock community 

NOPEC Pricing

We have an agreement with NextEra Energy Services Ohio, LLC (NESO) to supply our electricity and natural gas to our customers in 17 Ohio counties.

NextEra Energy was named No. 1 in the electric and gas utilities industry on Fortune’s 2018 list of ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’.

NESO’s parent company is a financially strong, leading clean-energy company that is first-in-class among energy suppliers. You can view their environmental disclosure information here.

Our Pricing Options

We offer competitive rates all year long, year after year.

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Contact the NOPEC customer care line at 1-855-667-3201 (1-855NOPEC01).

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